An Overview

The Meridian Music Project will develop a multi-media symphony generated by local phenomena – 
Each note an expression of conditions at one place/moment, 
Each chord the simultaneous expressions of phenomena along a meridian of longitude, 

And the daily/infinite whole expressing an ever richer image of the pattern of life on Earth.

The “instruments” of the music will be a network of site specific sculptures, each configured such that, as the sculpture’s center moves directly under the sun, the sculpture wakes up, and creates a pulse of multi-media music – notes, images and place data. 

As the earth continues to turn, soon the next place awakens, adding to the ever renewing expression of the pattern of life, place by place, day by day.

The Pattern of Life is at every moment both wondrous and prosaic. 

Place/Moment Art, created and sustained by communities around the globe can use this tension to illuminate the opportunities each of us have to enhance the health of the pattern where we live our lives.

Place/Moment Art expresses the paradox of the universal and the unique:
that by evoking the pattern of life where we are we're connected to the larger fabric of global and universal phenena– 

The project will start as an expression of life in the Hudson River Valley, and will evolve as more place/moment keepers choose to participate. 

Eventually installations will be located at places such as Arts Centers, Community Gardens, Public Library lawns, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, School Yards, Town Greens, Refugee camps or Battlefields. 

The music would accrete through the integration of sequential place-moment-notes over the world-wide-web, viewed in multi-media installations both at the sites themselves, and at schools, museums and on any subscriber’s computer.

"So you should see this fleeting world:
A  star at dawn,
A bubble in a stream,
A flash of lightening in a summer cloud,
A flickering lamp,
A phantom, and a dream"

the Tatagatha
India, circa 500 bc
The conclusion of the Diamond Sutra
 All phenomena,
All Ephemeral,
All simultaneously wondrous & prosaic.
This project expresses this condition, seeking to do so in ways experienced viscerally, 

Before thought and mis-understanding.

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