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Noon Across Manhattan

High Noon happens, everywhere on earth, every day.

At that moment, we, and our community are centered under the sun - along with everyone else up and down the Meridian of Longitude we inhabit.

For example, this happens at every place in Manhattan, every day.  It takes 26 seconds for all the high noons to occur across Manhattan -- starting at the eastern foot of Manhattan Island, and ending at the westernmost bit of the Battery.

So, imagine that at each Junior High School on Manhattan, there was a Place/Moment Installation, waiting for that school to pass under the sun.

Imagine that each shared a network with a global network of such installations in such schools, and could hear/see/feel noon happening in each of them, A place where the crescendo of noons is felt approaching, the sound being, the decrescendo passing, daily

Imagine a sculptural learning environment in each school that plays the music daily, 

[the Music different daily, conveying cloud cover and fog, shadows, birds and leaves]


Where both the unique and the universal are manifest


Where real time satellite feeds show the passing patterns of the living earth, there, and elsewhere.


Where Students map the patterns they inhabit.

The maps at left indicate all the Junior High Schools in Manhattan.  The score at the top shows their pacing as the sun passes over each, through those 26 seconds of the meridian as wide and encompassing as Manhattan.