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The Noosphere

In the vision of Teillard DeChardin, Earth is a living, sentient being.  He  was among the first in Euro-centric Judeo-Christian influenced culture to catch a glimmer of what is now known as the Gaia Hypothesis.


He  believed her to be evolving -  deepening in her wisdom and knowledge, as her beings evolved, and gained in wisdom and knowledge.


He  believed her / us to be increasing in complexity and depth.


He  came to believe that eventually she would evolve a nervous system by which she would know herself and integrate the many beings within her.


He  called that nervous system the Noosphere.


  De Chardin  was merely rediscovering something we have frequently forgotten,

An awareness often willfully exterminated from Judeo-Christian society.


(De Chardin, a WW I battlefield medic and Jesuit Priest,, was embargoed by the church from publishing his controversial views in the last decades of his life, see ).


Generations, time out of mind, have seen this vision. 

Cultures, human and otherwise,

Living and long dead,

Have long had a hand in building those connections.




We build those connections in this work.


Give us a hand.