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The Simplest Form

Imagine a fine brass bowl


Sitting on a lawn, aligned  to  its

Immediate Local Longitude

Looking, expectantly, at the place

Where, that day, the sun will reach its peak in the local sky.


At dawn the bowl is dark.

Soon, sun rising, a sliver of  gleam dances on her western edge

Then the crescent crescendoing, filling the bowl smoothly,

In infinitely small increments,

Reflecting the earth’s rotation, as

She dances with the Sun

Through the Cosmos.


Soon enough, and momentarily, the bowl is full.


Knowing this, the bowl rings with sound and sees itself in that

Moment, filled with



And then a crescent of shadow forms on the western lip, decrescendoing into midnight.


The ringing diminishes, the eye closes


As others, westerly, awake, see and sing.


Imagine these place moments connected by

Instantaneous noosphere nerves, so that their

Accumulated songs and images in harmonious sometimes cacophony make an Endless cycle of hearing, seeing, and knowing,

Showing us ourselves - Herself,



Where we are, are coming from, going.

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