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A Counterpoint -- UNESCO World Heritage Sites & UNHCR Refugee Camps

Find the rhythm of the sun’s passing all the Unesco World Heritage Sites.


Contrast it with the sun rhythm of all the Refugee Camps managed by the UN High Commissioner of Refugees.


In all these places, build the sculptures that catch high noon and express the pattern of life specific to that place. 


Collect their songs and images via a radio frequency nervous system,


Integrate them via a central processing mind,

into a counterpoint of place, identity and displacement.

Disseminate their music and visions via the web to those who will keep time by them,

Those who will meditate on them.

Those who will learn by them,

Who will create art with them


Enjoy the long silences over oceans with neither edifices nor refugees. 


Wonder at the beauty and the cacophony in East Asia and the Levant.


Mourn how few are still alive in the camps of Guatemala.


See yourself everywhere.


See Everywhere as Yourself.